KeyMonitor is a product of Keyseries, LLC which is robustly designed School Management System software with an objective to enable academic institutions to optimally establish a digital medium in accomplishing their business objectives. With the perfect fusion of the adept team of experienced professionals and avant-grade technologies, we offer a comprehensive application that streamlines the end-to- end processes involved in operating the educational institutions and helps school managements to manage their entire work force by providing access to our product any time, anywhere.

It is imperative for any educational institution to maintain all the data related to admissions, financial transactions, transportation, academic courses, examinations and track all the conversations that occur between teaching staff, non-teaching staff, students and parents to anticipate issues which is associated with daily operations of the institution. But, managing administrative activities and skyrocketing amounts of data with the fragmented management systems and software platforms is a big challenge for any institute. To help you cope with these time-consuming tasks and avoid awful consequences, we have unveiled a next-generation School Management Software – KeyMonitor that enable you to manage the institution in tandem with the growth of the organization.

KeyMonitor is an intuitive scalable School Management software that is fully-integrated with robust grade technologies that institutions need to respond more dynamically to the evolving requirements of the students effectively. With the avid modern day strategies, the dexterous team of experienced and passionate professionals have designed the most flexible software that combines all the key tasks of the school management including School assignments, syllabus, time-table, progress reports, student performance and others on a single platform to eliminate the work chaos and drive operational excellence.

The agile school management methodologies, powerful and advanced tools, easy-to-use dashboard and syncing options analyze the school activities and proactively identify new opportunities to minimize the manpower and cost involved. Whether you are searching for a reliable school management software to simplify the processes or magnify the organization productivity and profitability, you can rely on KeyMonitor for premium quality services.

KeyMonitor Software – Keyseries’s KeyMonitor software is a cloud based application designed for Educational Institutions

KeyMonitor Software is a cloud based application

Designed primarily to enhance digital infrastructure among educational institutions and supporting Digitization. KeyMonitor is a dynamic web and mobile based education management tool/application that ensures smooth administration, safety and security with a holistic 360 degree view of every students’ activity and learning process. With just a click away KeyMonitor provides a cohesive link between parents, students, teachers and the school administration to enable fast and reliable communication under one single platform. This simple automated solution unifies workflow saving time, labor and cost for all administrative tasks in any institution making digital infrastructure smart and savvy.

How KeyMonitor Works – Technology

With the ever-increasing cyber security issues and unpredictable consequences, everyone is looking for more secured digital platforms to store the data. KeyMonitor software is designed in a blanket of rich and advanced technology wrappers which ensures secured access to the administrators. The elegant dashboard and simplified design ensure KeyMonitor system compatibility with the Laptops, PCs, Tablets and other gadgets that rule people’s technological lifestyle and provides uninterrupted access 24×7.

Integrate your in-house technologies with KeyMonitor system which break down the key performances measures including attendance, assessment, staff information and student performance and provides a consolidated and easy to interpret overview and insights into how your schools are performing.


Administrative Desk

The comprehensive yet simplified dashboards of KeyMonitor school management system let the administrators carry out all the tasks easily and effortlessly. It is pre-integrated with most essential modules including but not limited to Students Management, Staff Management, Time Management, Examination Management that allow you to manage end-to-end organization processes from a single dashboard effectively. It enables you to access all the data related to the teachers, non-teaching staff, students and parents including store and manage all the details related to students like Tasks, Student Email, Grades, Calendar, Goals, Academic Materials. Manage all the details related to staff members like educational details, personal details, salary, leaves and other details. It allows you to generate ID cards for students and staff automatically and saves a lot of time. Authorities can manage Digital Notice Board, track bus, generate certificates and share important notices to parents and other crucial tasks of managing the organization.