About Us

Keyseries is an IT solution & Digital technology provider founded in 2009 with its headquarters in the Jacksonville, FL. Our focus is to build innovative software and provide customers with cost-effective technology solutions in a fast and flexible manner. Our focus is to help reduce the time, effort and cost of delivering unparalleled digital solutions.

In today’s rapidly changing and dynamic business environment, we are helping our clients to adapt and keep pace with the change. Our client-focused solutions combine the right balance of quality, reliability, delivery and value.

They cross the paradigms of the past and complement the ways of the new economy. We are continuously anticipating and responding to the changing customer needs. At Keyseries, success is measured by the success of the clients and the relationship we share with them.

Keyseries Advantage

At Keyseries, we are making technology a transparent interface for the companies so that they can focus on competitive priority. We derive our inspiration by engaging the spirit, intellect and energy of our clients and our highly motivated and result oriented portfolio of technology specialists.

We have some of the smartest engineers in the business who understand the importance of aligning technical solutions to business outcomes. We believe in the value of true partnerships.

    Our Mission

To build a company that is a pioneer in providing innovative solutions to our customers projects and delivering superior value and increased marginal utility to our customers.

   Our Vision

To be the “extended team ” to our customers for solving key problems faced by them in their projects and ultimately deliver exceptional value, higher efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction.

   Our History

We are trusted partners in handling projects in workday ecosystem, collaborating with customers to help them thrive, and achieve the their targets in the most effective manner.