Workday HCM

Our goal is to provide you with the very best configurations to streamline your Workday experience while keeping your costs low and achieving incredibly high impact solutions for your operations. While a tech savvy employee or two may think they know their way around the software, it’s rarely as simple as they expected! Keyseries has the technical expertise to have your most important organizational tasks comprehensively streamlined within Workday. After a short consultation and access to your current technology environment, we provide you with short term and long-term recommendations to optimize your Workday tenant. Remember, every man hour saved add to your organizations bottom line.

Workday HCM Consulting

Our dedicated team of consultants listen to your organizational goals, focusing on our range of post deployment services to provide top-notch technical and analytical expertise to your organization. We work to understand every facet of your business to provide you with unmatched consulting recommendations that align with your current business processes. We use the latest and greatest practices in technology to drive value and growth within your organization. We understand all areas of HCM and can help you with your specific needs with our team of expert consultants.

We are a comprehensive source for Workday solutions that will ensure you get the full value of your systems, including

  • Workday implementation support – We can assist with all planning and implementation steps, ensuring your move to Workday provides an optimal experience.
  • Optimization and integration – Integration of existing systems, process optimization, and more.
  • Go-Live Support – Need our team to jump in and help after launch? Simplified has you covered.



Republic Services decided to switch their HR and Payroll systems from Lawson to Workday cloud-based ERP system and assigned to build integrations with external system


All the integrations are custom build. So, the integrations are built from the scratch and used various features such as business processes, integration launch parameters, STUDIO components, XML, XSLT scripting etc. We have used Java as the backend programming language through which we have implemented HashMap’s, evaluate expressions etc. As we had proper planning on the project implementation, all the integrations built by Keyseries went live within the due date.