INTEGRA for your Workday Integrations

INTEGRA monitors everything in your workday integrations, in one platform, automatically correlating data to provide answers on how your integrations are working and provide the notifications.

Having notifications on integrations, cautions or alerts and Reporting on your web services are useful tools to stay ahead of potential risks and keep tabs on your tenant’s health, but these too have their own limitations and needs a lot of supervision at times these notifications can be more distraction than providing any meaningful caution.

INTEGRA is fully automated workday integration monitoring platform designed by Keyseries for our workday clients to have efficient optics of the entire integration setup. INTEGRA is minimum supervision driven platform which adds no extra IT infrastructure and provides you all needed notifications, so you can optimize your human resource efforts.


INTEGRA Platform

INTEGRA provides fully automated integration monitoring platform which provides real time notifications in a clear and user friendly display. This Unique platform provides an overview of entire integration setup providing the status on the integrations which are running perfectly and the ones which may need some supervision and the integrations which have failed to run as per the plan. The INTEGRA allows you to click directly into any of the Events depicted and access further details directly in Workday, allowing you to get immediate data on precisely what occurred with a given Integration Event.

Integration Report Card

Now that we know that INTEGRA offers a detail one frame access to the state of the integration but we understand that the main stain on the clients team is to envisage what’s on the cards during the due course of the time while the integrations are in process when more data is generated in the tenant.

INTEGRA addresses this concern for our customers with our Integration Report card panel. This gives the overview of the processing times from Slowest to fastest running systems.


Integration Summary Chart

Integrations is not a onetime event it is a Journey and at every stage one needs to evaluate the status of the integration and the potential blocks over the period of time. Our Summary Chart provides the required data in one chart in a consolidated format as and when it is necessary on a timely basis.

This Summary Chart provides a total summary of all events which occurred in the last 24 hours, and is delivered directly to your email each day for total hands-off event monitoring.

Integration Notifications

INTEGRA’s Integration Notification Frame provides you with the valuable notifications with the list of integrations which are going to expire. The integrations which go unnoticed and expire are one of the common roadblocks in the smooth integration processes. Some integrations needs to rescheduled so that valuable data is not lost in the process of sending or receiving. We often find this issue when we diagnose the issue of lost data and find that integration has stopped running. Integration Notification Frame will help our clients with the list of integrations which are about to expire in the next seven days, allowing us to be ahead of the game.

Let INTEGRA work on your Integrations

Our goal is to provide you with the very best integrations to streamline your Workday experience while keeping your costs low and achieving incredibly high impact solutions for your operations.INTEGRA empowers your team by getting an heads up with a daily summary of the integrations and also potential risks which needs your supervision. With those notifications your team may fix that particular integration well within the time or we can provide our assistance and address that issue with the integration. After a short consultation and access to your current technology environment, we provide you with short term and long-term recommendations to optimize your Workday integration. Remember, every man hour saved add to your organizations bottom line.


Success Portfolio


Republic Services decided to switch their HR and Payroll systems from Lawson to Workday cloud-based ERP system and assigned to build integrations with external system


All the integrations are custom build. So, the integrations are built from the scratch and used various features such as business processes, integration launch parameters, STUDIO components, XML, XSLT scripting etc. We have used Java as the backend programming language through which we have implemented HashMap’s, evaluate expressions etc. As we had proper planning on the project implementation, all the integrations built by Keyseries went live within the due date.