Post Implementation

Post Implementation

Keyseries helps our customers in post deployment and keeps their workday system run smoothly for current and future users.

We offer our recommendation to best utilize your workday tenant if you prefer to handle the work yourself, our experts can set you off on the right track with proper technical assistance and if you decide to take our help in implementing the recommendations our team is just a phone call away.

How we can help in your post deployment stage

  • Expansion to new territories
  • Tuning the tenant for optimal performance
  • Recommendations and advising the best practices
  • Adding a new module, Feature or a Functionality
  • Handling transition to workday

Success Portfolio


Republic Services decided to switch their HR and Payroll systems from Lawson to Workday cloud-based ERP system and assigned to build integrations with external system


All the integrations are custom build. So, the integrations are built from the scratch and used various features such as business processes, integration launch parameters, STUDIO components, XML, XSLT scripting etc. We have used Java as the backend programming language through which we have implemented HashMap’s, evaluate expressions etc. As we had proper planning on the project implementation, all the integrations built by Keyseries went live within the due date.