Republic Services


Client: Republic Services

Headquarters: Scottsdale, AZ

Industry: Waste Management


Republic Services decided to switch their HR and Payroll systems from Lawson to Workday cloud-based ERP system. As part of implementation project Keyseries was assigned to build integrations with external systems.


Workday gives us the opportunity to build three kinds of integrations EIB, core Connectors and STUDIO integrations. EIB stands for enterprise interface builder, with that we can build inbound and outbound integrations. For Core Connectors we can make use of Workday built templates and can customize it as per business requirements and the final one is STUDIO, we use it for complex customized integrations.


  • Worked closely with offshore team and gave guidance on building and testing of the integrations.
  • Team up with the onshore team on business requirements and pain points. Helped them to solve those issues.
  • With the benefits integrations, there will be automatic transmission of data without any manual intervention.
  • All the integrations went live as expected on or before go-live date.


As Republic services has planned to switch over to workday ecosystem. They wanted to leverage Keyseries immense expertise on workday implementations. As part of that, Keyseries was assigned to build the complex integrations between republic services and third-party external systems like ADP, Equifax, Allstar etc. The integration requirements varied from vendor to vendor which requires immense and in-depth knowledge on STUDIO integrations also need enormous expertise on Java, Data Structures, file encryption etc.

Our Approach

  • Keyseries conducted thorough assessments on project implementation.
  • Estimated the amount of effort requires to fulfill the client request.
  • Also managed to setup initial requirement gatherings meetings with all stake holders.
  • Had rigorous and in-depth discussion with the team on what efficient strategies to implement for successful project delivery within the due deadline.
  • Designed integrations in accordance with SOX compliance to meet auditing requirements, while remaining in budget.

Implemented Solution

After having fruitful consultations with the Republic Services on requirement gathering Keyseries started building the integrations. All the integrations are custom build. So, the integrations are built from the scratch and used various features such as business processes, integration launch parameters, STUDIO components, XML, XSLT scripting etc. Also, we have used java as the backend programming language through which we have implemented HashMap’s, evaluate expressions etc. As we had proper planning on the project implementation, all the integrations built by Keyseries gone live within due date.