Client: Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc

Headquarters: San Diego, CA

Industry: Biotechnology


Halozyme implemented workday system in the year 2016. Workday is being used for their HR and Payroll activities. With the change in business needs and organization restructuring, Halzoyme wanted their system to be relevant to the current needs. So, they wanted to update the business processes, change in supervisory orgs, implementation of EIBs etc. Apart the these, they also want Keyseries to make them understand how systems works and simultaneously help them in maintaining and enhancement of the system and keep abreast with the workday updates.


From Keyseries perspective, there are several things to handle. Firstly, we need to make the system user friendly. Secondly, update the backend business processes, validations and condition rules, adding new actions or services within the business process etc. Finally, we need to implement Enterprise Interface Builders (EIBs) integrations so that business can load mass HR data into workday. Currently, they are using manual processes which requires great amount of time and manual effort.


  • With the backend processes update, business owners could use the system with ease.
  • Built EIBs, for mass data load in workday because of that it greatly helped business and saved weekly around 10 hours of their precious time.
  • Improved the efficiency of the system and end user usability.


For this project they are different moving parts. Halozyme total employee population is little over 100 people, as this is a small organization the expectation of the client is to handle or support all the functional areas which they’ve implemented in workday. For that Keyseries consultant should have in-depth knowledge on Staffing, absence, Time Tracking, Recruiting, HR, Integrations and Payroll functional areas.

Our Approach

  • Keyseries conducted thorough assessment on all the functional areas currently they have implemented in workday.
  • Setup initial meeting with the business owners, tried to understand their pain points and gathered information regarding the things they want to implement in workday.
  • Took KT sessions on how to use the system efficiently with the client.

Implemented Solution

After having though consultations with the business owners, worked on high priority action items some of them are, streamline of the Applicant Tracking business processes as per new business needs. Implemented and used new features which would help the overall efficiency of the business processes. Built the EEO-1 component 2 reports in compliance with government regulations. Gave production support to ADP and other payroll integrations. Setup and restructure the whole supervisory orgs in workday. Finally, Keyseries efficiently addressed the pain points, came up with efficient solutions.