Halozyme Therapeutics


Client: Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc

Headquarters: San Diego, CA

Industry: Biotechnology


In the previous quarter for this client the task was to help them set right their workday system and restructure the system as per their new business needs. In this current quarter, the client requires Keyseries to get involved in couple of complex workday project implantations, they are mass updating the time tracking project codes in the system, enhancement of concur integration and build the two new complex integrations for their new benefit provider.


Keyseries already has expertise on implementation of such kind of complex projects we came up with the following solutions. In order to mass update, the time tracking project codes we have used “Put Project codes” webservice. Secondly, we have an existing integration with a vendor called Concur. They have recently updated their integration. So, Keyseries had to extensively work with concur, gathered the new requirements and updated the integration accordingly. Finally, regarding the implementation of new benefits integrations we need to build a Core Connector worker and Enterprise Interface Builder integrations.


  • We have completed the project codes the due date; from end user perspective they don’t have to explicitly note down the new project’s codes in the comments section while entering the time.
  • With concur integration update, everything is automated, and both the systems are synchronized, and business need not have manually update the concur system.
  • With the benefits integrations, there will be automatic transmission of data without any manual intervention.
  • By using Keyseries resources, Halozyme could cut their yearly dependence on some third-party support provider from 562 hrs. to 296 hrs. and is expected it decrease further and with estimated savings of over $50,000/year.


Keyseries worked rigorously to implement the above projects. For the time tracking project codes, the challenging task was to find out the webservice and build the integration. Secondly, for the Concur integration the requirement gathering was a tedious task as the integration was already built we had to go through the integration design document get a high level understanding on how the integration was built and go through the XSLT script to update the integration as vendor’s specification. Finally, the benefits integrations design was a complex task as it includes the integration build from scratch, creation of calculated fields, XSLT scripting and encryption of output file.

Our Approach

  • Keyseries conducted assessments on Halozyme’s projects requirements.
  • Also, supervised a meeting with Halozyme business owners to understand what their expectations and projects are timeline.
  • As the project involves external vendors as well, Keyseries must work efficiently with the vendors and make sure all of us are on the same page.

Implemented Solution

For the time tracking project by using “Put Project Codes” Webservice we had to build the enterprise interface builder integration. By this approach we could able to mass update the projects codes without much manual effort. Secondly, for the concur integration, as per new requirements there are significant updates for that integration. We had to update the XSLT script in the backend. Finally, for the benefits integrations we have built two new integrations for the first integration we need to send employees demographic information, based on the requirements we decided to build core connector worker and use document transformation to transform the XML data into CSV format. For the second integration, the requirement is to send FSA information to the vendor, after going through the requirements and having back to back meetings with the vendor we have decided to build Enterprise Interface Builder integration and by using the XSLT scripting we have transformed the data to pipe delimited text file. Apart from above mentioned projects we are tasked to parallelly manage the maintenance and enhancement of the system.